MAKE HONG KONG GREAT AGAIN (Free Worldwide Shipping) - Make The United States Great Again
MAKE HONG KONG GREAT AGAIN (Free Worldwide Shipping) - Make The United States Great Again

MAKE HONG KONG GREAT AGAIN (Free Worldwide Shipping)


Brand new listing (August 2019) and available to pre-order now!

The original and controversial Trump-style, ‘deplorable’ MAGA hats custom for next to every US State and major Country.


** For steeply discounted orders of 10 units or above, please contact us via email at **

Product Features

  • Republican Ruby Red, Five Panel Baseball Cap
  • Embroidered (hand stitched), capitalized white text (NOT screen printed)
  • One Size Fits All – adjustable Plastic Snap at back
  • Rope across Front, Trump style
  • Flexible (to your liking) hat brim
  • Machine Washable
  • (1) Year Warranty
  • Rock-bottom price and top-flight quality, unmatched (and unmatchable) by competitors
  • Great for: Exercising Free Speech, Restricting Free Speech, US Navy High-Sea 'Observations,' Hong Kong Protestors, Hong Kong Expats, Hong Kong Tourists, Airline Pilots, Hong Kong Separatists, Chinese Nationalists, Australian Campus Disagreements, Tienanmen Square, Democracy Advocates, Democracy Detractors, Communism Trumpeters, Hong Kong Brokerages, Trade & Currency Wars, Trump Rallies, Trump 2020, Team Taiwan, China's Plenum, Mao Zedong Fanboys, Xi Xingping Contemporaries, One-Child Policy Proponents, South China Sea 'Expeditioners', Xinhua Journalists, Chinese Expats, People's Liberation Army, College Football, China's Apple Employees, Friends of Huawei, Campus Events At Home & Abroad, Halloween, BBQ’s, Chinese Takeout Stores, Qing Dynasty Harkers, Iowa Soybean Farmers, Pennsylvania's Steelmakers, Facial Recognition and Social Score Songbirds, Leninists, Joe & Hunter Biden, Government Accountability Institute, Breitbart Readers, Christmas, Frat Parties, Chinese Olympians, WADA/IOC, Falun Gong Missing Person's, Sun Tzu Disciples, Xinjiang Things, Tributary State Methodologists, Confucian Kings, NOKO Advocates, Holiday Parties, Triad Tophats, Political Campaigns, Chinese New Year, Chinese SOE's, Bannon Doctrine Scholars, Dianne Feinstein's Driver, Mitch McConnells Wife, Han Ethnocentrists, Federal, State and Local Elections, Epstein Island Enthusiasts and Every-day Life!
  • Products endorsed in March 2016 by the ‘Donald J. Trump for President’ Campaign
  • Buy local; USA owned and operated since December 2015

Product Shipping

  • FREE Worldwide Shipping (USPS) from NYC distribution center
  • Ships (USPS, includes Tracking) from NYC within (3) Business Days of order

Product Payment

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  • Thousands served, from Alabama to Wisconsin, Argentina to United Kingdom
    • Many lines initially sold out and subsequently re-stocked
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